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The most reliable cheap bags and totes for maximum comfortability with the brand name of BAGedge is out here with the best possible looks and a feel that will make you feel interesting and fascinating. BAGedge is the leading manufacturer for high quality boat totes, canvas totes, commuter backpacks, sport duffel and much more. ClothingnApparel is the top place for you to glance at, if you are looking for quality apparels at competitive prices.


  • BAGedge-10 oz-Canvas Laptop Sleeve-BE060
  • BAGedge-10 oz-Canvas Reader Sleeve-BE058
  • BAGedge-10 oz-Canvas Tablet Sleeve-BE059
  • BAGedge-12 oz-Canvas Boat Tote-BE004
  • BAGedge-12 oz-Canvas Book Tote-BE008
  • BAGedge-12 oz-Canvas Print Tote-BE066
  • BAGedge-12 oz-Canvas Tote with Contrasting Handles-BE010
  • BAGedge-12 oz-Canvas Zippered Book Tote-BE009
  • BAGedge-6 oz-Canvas Grocery Tote-BE055
  • BAGedge-6 oz-Canvas Promo Tote-BE007
  • BAGedge-6 oz-Canvas Sling Tote-BE056
  • BAGedge-8 oz-Canvas Tote-BE003
  • BAGedge-Commuter Backpack-BE030
  • BAGedge-Insulated Beverage Sling-BE072
  • Bagedge-Modern Tech Briefcase-BE048
  • BAGedge-Non-Woven Promo Tote-BE002
  • Bagedge-Polyester Zip Tote-BE080
  • BAGedge-Sport Duffel-BE014
  • BAGedge-Tech Backpack-BE044
  • BAGedge Unisex Messenger Tech Bag-BE045
  • BAGedge-Vector Portfolio-xvp
  • BAGedge-Vertical Messenger Tech Bag-BE043