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One of the biggest manufacturer of approved apparels in terms of safety, OccuNomix is the jack of all trades. brings you a whole new variety of high visibility jackets, t-shirts, vests and much more with proven adaptability and reflective all-weather material. Buy one today.


  • OccuNomix-Birdseye Wicking T-Shirt Class 2-LUXSSE
  • OccuNomix-Birdseye Wicking T-Shirt Class 3-LSSETP
  • OccuNomix-Classic Mesh Two-Tone Surveyor Vest Class 2-LUXATR
  • OccuNomix Four-Way Black Bottom Bomber Jacket, Class 3-LUXTJB
  • OccuNomix-Insulated Cold Weather Parka Class 3-LUXTJC
  • OccuNomix Mesh Breakaway Vest, Class 3-LUXHSG
  • OccuNomix-Premium Solid Dual Stripe Vest Class 2-LUXSSF
  • OccuNomix-Value Bomber Jacket Class 3-LUXETJ
  • OccuNomix-Value Mesh Five-Point Breakaway Vest Class 2-ECOGCBL
  • OccuNomix Value Mesh Gloss Vest-LUXXGT
  • OccuNomix-Value Mesh Silver Bead Vest-LUXXSB
  • OccuNomix Value Mesh Surveyor Vest-ECOGCS
  • OccuNomix-Value Mesh Vest Class 2-ECOGCL
  • OccuNomix-Value Solid Vest Class 2-ECOGL